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Banbury Bedroom Package
Banbury Double Bed

Banbury 3ft Single Bed


2 Over 2 Drawer Chest

Banbury 2 over 2 Chest


3 Drawer Bedside Cabinet

Banbury 2 Drawer Bedside


£1,149.00 £799.00
Brazilian Bedroom Package
Brazilian Double Bed
Brazilian solid wood Bed

L208cm x W148cm x H90cm

3+2 Drawer Chest
Brazilian solid wood 3+2 Drawer Chest

 H120cm x W90cm x D42cm

1 Drawer/1 Door Bedside Cabinet
Brazilian solid wood 1 Drawer 1 Door Bedside Cabinet

 H65cm x W53cm x D39cm

£699.00 £449.00
Cube Bedroom Package
Cube Double Bed
Cube Bed

L212 x w145 x h105

4 over 1 Drawer Chest
Cube 4 over 1 Drawer Chest

 w100 x d43 x h90

Bedside Cabinet
Cube Bedside Cabinet

 w100 x d43 x h90

£1,499.00 £939.00
Devon Bedroom Package
Devon Double Bed
Devon Bed


2 Over 3 Drawer Chest
Devon 2 Over 3 Chest


3 Drawer Bedside Cabinet
Devon Bedside Cabinet


£1,100.00 £749.00
Dublin Bedroom Package
Dublin Double Bed
Dublin Solid Oak Solid Oak Bed

4’6 105 x 200 x 151 cm

4 over 1 Drawer Chest
Dublin Solid Oak Solid Oak 4 Over 1 Chest

 H88 x W120 x D42 cm

2 Drawer Bedside Cabinet
Dublin Solid Oak Solid Oak 2 Drawer Bedside

 H56 x W40 x D30 cm

£1,299.00 £799.00
Melbourne Country Bedroom Package
Melbourne Country Double Bed
Panama Solid Oak Bed Bedframe

150 x 203.5 x 100 cm

2 Over 3 Drawer Chest
Panama Solid Oak 2 Over 3 Chest of Drawers

 W100 x D47 x H110cm

3 Drawer Bedside Cabinet
Panama Solid Oak 3 Drawer Bedside Cabinet

 W45 x D40 x H70cm

£1,499.00 £949.00
Melbourne Natural Bedroom Package
Melbourne Double Bed
Melbourne Natural Bed

Dimensions: 150×203.5x100cm

2 Over 3 Drawer Chest
Melbourne Natural 2 Over 3 Chest

 Dimensions: 100x47x111.5cm

2 Drawer Bedside Cabinet
Melbourne Natural Bedside Cabinet

Dimensions: 45x40x71.5cm

£1,399.00 £949.00
Mews Bedroom Package
Mews Double Bed
Mews Solid Oak Bed


4 Drawer Chest
Mews Solid Oak 4 Drawer Chest


Bedside Cabinet
Mews Solid Oak 2 Drawer Bedside Cabinet


£1,199.00 £799.00
Paris Bedroom Package
Paris Double Bed

Paris Solid Oak Bed

4ft 6in bed

2 Over 3 Drawer Chest

Paris Solid Oak 2 Over 3 Chest


3 Drawer Bedside Cabinet

Paris Solid Oak Bedside Cabinet

42x36x57 cm

£1,249.00 £699.00
Wansford Bedroom Package
Wansford Double Bed

Wansford Bed

149x2025x115 cm

2 Over 3 Drawer Chest

Wansford 2 over 3 Chest


3 Drawer Bedside Cabinet

Wansford Narrow Bedside Cabinet


£999.00 £749.00
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